Pura Cuba: Oak Hammock Edition

The Pura Cuba: Oak Hammock Edition showcased 78 paintings and sculptures from 18 artists from Miami to New York to the midwest US.

The Pura Cuba art exhibitions explore themes of inclusion and exclusion that have imbued Cuban culture with a sense of being dispersed, disseminated, and assimilated: a state of existing “aqui y alla” (here and there) as perpetual outsiders.  This sense of disconnection deeply affects Cubans on and off The Island; thereby placing all Cubans in widening emotive cultural diasporas.  Pura Cuba recognizes and acknowledges art’s role in reconciling divergent Cuban cultural aspirations.

The Pura Cuba exhibition series was inspired by the Responding to Cuba exhibit (during spring 2009), curated by Dr. Virginia Fabbri Butera, Director, Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery at The College of Saint Elizabeth (NJ).  As a result, Pura Cuba: Oak Hammock Edition), the fourth exhibit of its kind is curated by Raul Villarreal and continues to probe the artistic vision of artists from diverse backgrounds and generations, inspired by an intriguing, tragic, and beautiful place: Cuba — an island, which has for centuries sparked extensive artistic creativity, and at present, continues to arouse significant artistic inspiration.

The exhibit was open between April 10 and July 8, 2017. Click on an artist’s name to view their individual contributions to this show and obtain their contact information.